Jan Whatever

Dear Me

Whatever, as the clock raced to midnight and midnight raised fireworks. I lay asleep when the world celebrates, blocking the sound of joy and laughter because for me it's just another year and a sound of misery.

Whatever, it's another year where i will learn not to have expectations and try to go with the flaw. And never question the pain in my soul and the bumpy ride of my journey. For life hasn't been easy and it seems like it'll never be easy. The tears refused to dry and wounds refused to heal, and it will forever hurt even when the sky clears the storm.

Whatever, Sweetie, you are strong and nothing can break you apart because you're already broken. I know its hard right now, it seems like you're losing who you're truly are day by day...yeah day by day...that's what you have to do. Take it day by day...and say whatever.

Whatever. When darkness come with so much pressure, look into your broken reflection and say whatever. Cry till you can finally breath then get up and move on.
Whatever because in this January, we don't have to worry. Just take it day by day with no expectation.

Just Whatever

©Kitty Minaj

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