Keep Breathing

Although i don’t want to be alive, i understand that i was born to live and so I’ll keep breathing no matter how hard it it. 😔


My Poem

Baby’s were meant to be born

Pregnant women were meant to give birth

Kids were meant to be cared

Parents were meant to be respected

Women were meant to be loved

Men were meant to be pleased

God was meant to be Worshiped

Grannies were meant to be Old

Teenager’s were meant to make mistakes

Haters were meant to be admires

Lovers were meant to be Romantic

And me and you were meant to be Soul Mates.

Kitty Minaj♡


When the world gets hard and everything seems impossible with all the boys messing up… sometimes all a girl really wants is her daddy. To just look, smile, hold, talk, tease and most importantly is just for daddy to be there. And everything will be okay.

Daddy’s Look, attraction is in daddy’s eyes cause his eyes makes you feel beautiful and free, trust me no one can prove you wrong. Dad looks at you with pride and dignity. He looks at you like you’re God when you just his angel. I’d lose my eyes just to give dad so he can look at me, love is in daddy’s eyes. Real love. True love, even if you did him wrong he’d still look at you like you’re Gold.

Daddy’s smile, when daddy smile i just know his proud of me even when i did nothing cause he is just proud i am his daughter. A daddy’s smile is the best in the world, it produce potency and increase self-esteem. All a girl wants is to make daddy happy and when he smiles, trust me he is happy. So i don’t mind losing my smile/happiness to keep my father’s smile cause his happiness is everything to me as it is to him.

Daddy’s Arms, when daddy holds me, i know know i am safe. Safety is in daddy’s arms, it’s the only place i would run too for protection and i wouldn’t mind ditching the police to be in my father’s arms. They chase away all fear with so much warmth and comfort. My daddy’s strong, his like a metal and everytime I’m hurt or in danger his the only person i run too cause his my hero. I’d give up everything just to be held in his arms.

Daddy’s Conversation, i don’t know why but i find it easier to talk to dad than mom. I feel like i can tell him anything and everythig because daddy don’t judge nor shout, his just cool and a good listener. Even when he don’t know or don’t understand he still gives good feedback and great advise. Dad is the only wise man i know. I’d shut everyone out just to talk to dad. His always calm when talking too, like a best friend.

Daddy’s Jokes, i know as a teenager or adult we don’t really like jokes at times but no matter how embarrassing daddy’s jokes are they always put a smile in our faces. Most time daddy’s jokes are the worst but they really are the best, you laugh even when they not funny as you wish that you could be a better joker/teaser than dad. They give you freedom and life. I’d do anything just to hear dad tease me. Daddy’s cool!!!

Everything I’ve mention is just what i want but the only thing i want is what i need. When life sucks the only important thing i need is for dad to just be there. Dad being there for me when i need him most is everything that money or the world itself cannot buy. It’s priceless but with so much value. Because my dad is like God, he forgives easily and love me unconditionally no matter what for i am his child. Dad being there lights up the room when it’s dark. Keeps me secure and I don’t mind losing everyone(excluding mom) just to be with my dad.

My dad is my best friend and for those who have dads make sure you cherish him and make him feel special everyday, he don’t need much but you to call him dad with pride. If your dad dead or just not with you, forgive him and love him cause no matter where he is trust me he loves you.

PS: He don’t have to be your blood dad to be your dad. Any men who is the head of the house you live in is a daddy and believe me blood or not he will always put you first before anything else. He loves you so much.

I love you dad.


Stop Playing Games

If only you could see me now

Change is not so easy now

The attitude we had to gain love,

Is nothing but insecurities

That we alone can ease

If we can trust again

We need to stop playing

Your heart will come undone

Just loving me only

And my love will make you shine

Only if you unbreak my heart.


How can one person mean the world to me?

I gaze at his body, from head to toes damn i was satisfied that he has a good body, my man’s sexy i though, running my fingers from his stomach to his neck then brush his chin lightly not to wake him. I let go of my hand quickly laying on it as i stare at him.

He was peacefully asleep and i was watching him sleep. He had no snore as if a baby was sleeping. His face was all i was looking at, i scanned analysed every detail in his face. But i couldn’t tell if he was ugly or handsome cause he was pretty hot. He had small Chinese’s eye which were hazel, English nose, perfect mouth with small lips, smooth skin but had a bit of beard on his chin. Well he had an ugly head but his hair cut made it look hot. Good.

He was perfect in a way. But i wasn’t inlove with how he looks. Although day and night i ask myself what a man like him doing with me? Cause I’m really beautiful and mama told me opposite arracts. Hot people are for ugly people and thats why they say there are no ugly beings. I looked at him, guess we lucky.

I kept on staring at his face. Thinking about him. About how he makes me feel. Which was good most times but sometimes i want to run away from him, hide from his love and his presents. Being with him is the hardest yet so easy, we fight all the time but we make up like we never fought.

He makes me angry but happy. He always put a smile on my face even when it’s impossible too…..i smiled right next to him as i gaze at his face again and he was still asleep. Boy i love him i thought to myself still looking at him. I love him so much. One thing i couldn’t understand was:

  • How can one person mean the world to me?
  • How can he drive me insane and back to my senses?
  • Is it crazy that I’ll die for him?
  • Is it scary that I’d take thousand bullets just to prevent one bullet from hitting him.
  • How can he make me feel so weak and still give me so much strength?
  • How can one person change my mood in a second. From frowning to smiling.
  • Is it dumb that he makes me happy?
  • Is it stupid that I’m falling for him?
  • So how can one person mean the world to me?

How can one person mean the world to me, that’s one thing i couldn’t understand and i knew it’ll take me years to figure out. But one thing i know and was sure of is that i love him and he loves me. I’m in love with him cause his the only light in my darkness.

He loved me when i couldn’t love myself. He gave me a real smile, he told me i was beautiful, he saw the real me that i couldn’t identify and that showed he knew me better than myself. With all the times that he hurt me, he never made me feel alone. And all the times that he made me cry, i could only remember the joy and happiness he brought to my life.

I turned my back on him so i could stop analysing and thinking about him. As i closed my eyes trying to think about something else i felt his legs touching mine, then his body drawing towards me. He placed his arm on top of me as he cuddle me so tight i felt a gentle kiss on my cheek, then he lay his head behind mine and i could feel his hot breath in my neck.

He was fast asleep again, with me in his arms and feeling so loved. I relaxed in his arms with nothig to think about but the same question. So again i ask…how can one person mean the world to me?

It’s Over

She stood beside him in confusion. Not knowing what to say or do. Scratch her hair or hold her hand. Hold his hands or lay in his shoulder. Tell him how she feels or let it be….complication of love killes a heart that loves with passion.

He swallowed his saliva loudly with ignorance trying to annoy her as she moved in front of him shyly. He glanced at her, she held his shirt for comfort.

I love you Gucci




So? You?

Me what?

Do you love me??

Why ask when you know the answer?

Maybe cause I’m not sure about how you feel Gucci! You act like you don’t love me but you expect me to observe love from yuh…

Okay. Listen b. I gotta go. I need to rush got staff to do.


She let go of his shirt angrily. They were together for 10 minutes and now he wants to go. They were not done talking but his leaving.

They walked together quietly. She had alot to say to him. Like how she missed him. Missed his touch and lips. They said goodbye in a cold manner. No hug nor kiss. He rushed to avoid complains.

She stood there watching him jog away. A tear rolled down her left eye to her chin while trying so hard not to cry, she wiped it slowly with a thought of him not loving her. The boy did everything to show her that he doesn’t care at all.

And because she loved him so much, holding on was all she can do to keep him in her life but she knew that letting go was the best decision. She knew from watching him go that it was over. They were done. The relationship was nothing but a sinking ship with broken heart.

But then again she just wanted to be loved and has she walked home breathing out every Gucci in her system, she though, ‘All I wanted was to love and be loved but now I know that love is loving someone who doesn’t love you.’

…but maybe it’s because she loved without knowing the meaning of love.

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