Contemplational Love

Days are too busy
Hours are too few
Seconds are too depressing
For Airtime ain’t even there
And it’s time for me to say the words
To someone special like you
The sun will set
Flowers will die
But you’re love i won’t regret
For the rest of my life.

Antoinette Sambo


People are our downfall. Interacting with them is what undoes us. Because our hearts are too soft.

-Stafen Salvotore

Boofied Up, It Hurts

When the mist surrounded us
And blinded my eyes,
I only felt you with my heart.
The distance was loud
But the passion was pure
Or maybe i just wanted it to be.
You are my joy
The only soul that keeps me alive
Reminds me of my dad.
You told me about the flame,
I couldn’t see through the smoke.
You pushed me to the edge,
I burnt with no hate
Felt like the fire was the one in my heart
You kept tossing and turning me
Like a chicken in a stove.
And with every hurt,
You cried not to go
Because you love me so.
See, i can take your lies
But your insults, come on.
For i know my worth
Was hoping you’ll respect that…
Thought you were different
But you’re all the same
Thought this was real
But it was all a game.
I gave you my heart
And you gave it away.
With all this pain,
Still can’t seem to let go.
Because My heart yerns only for you.

Don’t Trust Fear

Never trust your fears, they don’t know your strength.

Fear is a liar. It creates an illusions in your mind, compelling one to believe that something is beyond their reach.

When you’re scared to try and feel like giving up, remember that strength is much stronger than fear.


Pills And Depression

I don’t know what it’s like to be addict to pills
But I know what it’s like to numb the pain with a pill
To overdose til you’re high up the hill
Crying your eyes out hoping it kills
As you cramble up trying to write a will
But you’re so numb as you sit still
While the drugs fuck you up so hard until,
You wake up feeling so ill
Which makes you realise that pain is real
And depression is a really big deal
So if your loved one is going through the same thing-
Please don’t ever chill