Intelligence is Intimidating

All my life been trying so hard to understand why most people don’t like. I did research and everything. Lost myself in order to be understood and loved.

Making someone loves or like you for that matter is very hard. And I had to learn that at a young age which mad me grew up with so much anger and hurt.

Been alone all my live. No friends to talk to. And since then I’ve been searching for a reason why ain’t no human that like me at least.

Today, I meant a very wife and intelligent women who was able to tell me what was wrong with me. And she told me, MY PROBLEM IS THAT I’M INTELLIGENT.

She said being intelligent makes one odd. Look weird/odd. People are intimidated by you when you’re intelligent. They found you really different because they don’t get you.

She that being intelligence means your a level higher than them which means they don’t like you because they can’t get to your level.

They don’t understand you and your motive. Your perspective are very different from theirs and they are smart.

So don’t get mad or confused when people don’t like you. Because that only means you are a level higher than them. And they are jealous or intimidated by you.

You are intelligent, don’t ever change anything about yourself but change the circle you roll with. Because intelligent people chill with intelligent people.


My Notification

You’re My favorite notification but you are rare like a bank notification. You only notify once in a month or when you in need.

Never Stop Breathing

Life is hard, trust me its not a walk at the park. It’s a very long roller coaster, full of endless up and downs. but no matter what you never stop breathig.
life is all about watching lazy,ungrateful people succeed when you fail everything you try. its about feeling worthless infront of your enemies, but no matter what you never stop breathing.
life is about disappointment. letting your self down and all the people that look up to you. its about that moment where you fail to even love your self, but no matter what you never stop breathing.
life is about being fake. faking a smile and admitting you are not perfect as you make mistakes hoping to grow. but no matter what you never stop breathing.
Life is about breathing. being able to open your eyes every morning as you feel your heart beat and exhaling when you inhale.
but honestly life is about being yourself and accepting every situation or obstical that comes your way. Allowing yourself to grow in pain. And letting everyone know that you aint perfect and making mistakes is humanity.
life is all about you.
so never stop breathing

Love Kitty

Live Today

Stop reliving yesterday…wishing it was different. Focus of today. Make a difference now. Fix yesterday by living today.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, it comes everyday. So live your best today to have a better tomorrow. Live today and love hard because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Make the best of today.

Love Is A Disease

Love is a disease
That was implanted in our genes
Slowly running through our body
Building up like cells,
But love is a like bacteria,
That harms slowly and quietly inside.
Letting you suffer and making you weak
Drowning you deep.
As love travels through your vains increasing you heart rate.
Making your eyes blind and taking your strength away
Til you helplessly fall…
Helplessly fall on your knees
loosing your strength when you try to call for help
so you crawl in search for cure
suddenly you bump into something
Something so real and pure
As you look up, you can see a soul
That gave you its warmth and healed your heart
now you believe that love is a disease and a soul is a cure
just wait and see

Till you realise that a soul is a disease and love is a cure