To Love…

To love means to be pure
Having the center to be like nature
Or having the Courage like water
Just having a drive like peace

To love means to be selfless
Giving without acknowledgement
Caring with no expectations
Breaking with no concern

To love means to be a fool
In the eyes of the beloved
Never bothered by their wrongs
And accepting their excuses

To love means to forgive
The one that breaks your heart
The reflection infront of you
The circumstance of every pain

To love means to be strong
When love hurts like hell
And the one you love,
Doesn’t love you at all

To love means to be broken
Loving with every and all the pieces
And to cherish love like it’s God
And never giving up on love

To Love Means To Love With A Pure Broken Heart

©Kitty Minaj

My Parents

My mom, gave birth to me
Held me when I was helpless
Nurture me with no expectations
Loved me with no questions

My dad, supported me
Right from birth, he was there
Tought me how to walk
And loved me even in my worst days

My mom, raised me with care
Did my hair and clean me up
Got me the best clothes
An angel my mom made me

My dad, provided for me
Made sure I had the best education
And limitless opportunities
Wise and independent, dad made me

My parents, years later, still my parents
They still provide for me
Make sure I am happy and fed
And they still support me

My parents, pick me up when I’m down
They are the only people I can run too
Only love that keep me sane
And only true love that’s unconditional

My parents, I took them for granted
Because I thought they just parents
Never thought they understood
Until life knocked me down and they picked me up

My parents, I will forever be indebted
For they know me, the real me
And they respect my soul
They’ll never give up on me

My parents, I love them
For they are a blessing
And they are my strength
They love me just me.

©Kitty Minaj

Fix Me, February!

My soul has had enough
In this world I do not belong
Yet I can not seem to escape
Have mercy on me, February
I can’t bare anymore pain
How many times do my heart have to break
In order to gain my freedom of life
Or do I not deserve to live in joy
Do I not deserve to live with love
Fix me, February, my heart aches
Numb my wound and hide the scars
Please restore my sorrow
Fix me, February, it hurts
Trying to breath in darkness
And to smile with so much trauma
Oh please fix me, dear February
Teach me how to forgive
My self for all this pain
And life for being so cruel
Teach me how to love
The smallest things life has to offer
And myself when love’s being distant.

©Kitty Minaj

The Colors Of Love

The colours of love
Shines deep in your eyes
The diamond in the sky
Flourish through your heart
Red was a promise
But it always made me cry
So you painted the sky blue
For me to let go of my baggage up high.
Green was the colour of your spirit
Filled with the goodness of life
But your pain, you couldn’t hide
Yellow led me through your soul
But it sucks I couldn’t heal your sorrow
Yet you still held me in the dark
Somehow black became the colour of our love
It brought us peace and underatanding
Pink became our commitment,
To each other’s downfall.
Till we danced to the lime rhythm
And white filled our floor
That’s when you said, ‘I owe you forever’
And thats when i said, ‘Forever is colourless’
You said, ‘Forget the colour because love is blurry’
Guess thats why we’re floating on the clouds now
Making vows with our bodies
And peace to our imperfections
Love is indeed color blind
And it is up to up to fill it up with colours
Shade every part with truth of relations
Colourless that’s the colour of love.

©Kitty Minaj

The Scent Of Gucc!

I can tell it’s you before you enter the door
Your scent’s so powerful, it fills up the compound
And feels me with so much joy
Your scent I can not resist
For it fills my heart and arouse my mind
Giving me the shivers without a touch
With your smile it just makes it a bonus
Then you held me, I wish I could die
Because even your lust smells so nice
Like fresh roses from up above
Your skin’s like snow in the summer
So gentle and soft drizzling through the bottom of my nostrils
Interacting with the cells in my vains
Your scent in my blood, I can’t describe
For it makes me come alive
Again and again, every time I sniff in the air of love
Never understood how you get to smell that good
For most perfumes never last
Yet your aroma’s strong and only yours
Never met someone with that kind of scent
Now I believe that indeed nobody smells as good as the person you admire.
The scent of Gucc!
Filled with love.

©Kitty Minaj

Love Is A Verb

It’s funny that when it starts to rain
We miss the sun
I never knew I was in love
Till I watch you walked out
I had to lose your love
To locate my heart
I used to think love was a noun
Till I held you in my arms
Now I know love is verb
Cause I can’t fight the feeling inside
Your touch I can not resist
For I love you so much.

©Kitty Minaj

Dark Shade Of Love

Black roses on the floor
With a scent of confusion
And your blood leading me to you
Assuring me of safety
Reminding me of infatuation
For i fail to let go
Of your dark shaded love
And your irresistible desire
That fills me with so much devotion
And undeniable endearment
Your lust i can not bear
But you touch fill me whole
And i know i am blessed
To have you by my side
And grateful eve
For This dark shade Of Love

Love You Forever

I remember the cold night
You hurt my heart
I cried on your chest
When you held me so tight
The warmth of your touch was just right
Your lust patched my broken heart

I knew I was in love with you
But couldn’t understand when you kissed my forehead
And said, ‘LOVE YOU, FOREVER.’
Right there, I thought you meant together

On Valentines, I look beside me
With you not being by my side
Finally realized what you meant
Wiping the tears of my own reflation
Realizing my own worth

I know you meant, I SHOULD LOVE ME FOREVER.

Love Note

Baby! I love you…
You’re my sweetheart
My affection for you controls my heartbeat,
I want to be with you for the rest of my life.
This feeling is coming from the bottom of my heart and it’s precisely my feelings for You.
And thank You for helping me see the unique beauty in imperfection,
You have shown me the true meaning of love,
That love is a verb, it’s something you do
Not just something to be said
Babe I want to spend my forever with you
And no matter how far life separates us no one will love you like I do
For my life is infinity and pure.