Sad September

The morning rose like a dream
When sad September bloomed in a dark
With a twinkle of positivity
A hope of the most wounded soul
He broke my heart, I shed a smile
She distant herself, I loved the loneliness
I felt so much pain, I rejoice the hurt
I lost myself, and saw my strength
Forever I shall be this broken
And forever I shall be all alone
But in Sad September, I am okay
I am not sad, for I am strong
I am not sad, for I am savage
I can't be bend down or demolish
I am mental unstable but powerful
More powerful when I am sad,
Crying a river yet watering my garden
So in this sad September,
I am going to live my life...normal
Happily but alone.
For I love being on my own.

©Kitty Minaj

The Colors Of Love

The colours of love
Shines deep in your eyes
The diamond in the sky
Flourish through your heart
Red was a promise
But it always made me cry
So you painted the sky blue
For me to let go of my baggage up high.
Green was the colour of your spirit
Filled with the goodness of life
But your pain, you couldn’t hide
Yellow led me through your soul
But it sucks I couldn’t heal your sorrow
Yet you still held me in the dark
Somehow black became the colour of our love
It brought us peace and underatanding
Pink became our commitment,
To each other’s downfall.
Till we danced to the lime rhythm
And white filled our floor
That’s when you said, ‘I owe you forever’
And thats when i said, ‘Forever is colourless’
You said, ‘Forget the colour because love is blurry’
Guess thats why we’re floating on the clouds now
Making vows with our bodies
And peace to our imperfections
Love is indeed color blind
And it is up to up to fill it up with colours
Shade every part with truth of relations
Colourless that’s the colour of love.

©Kitty Minaj

April Fool

April, Am I A fool?
For waking up with a smile today
Claiming to be happy and blessed
When it’s just a shitty day
And inside I feel empty and sad

April, Am I A fool?
For puting my faith in March
To help me with my dreams and goals
Did I ask for too much
For now I am shattered and cold

April, Am I A fool?
For believing in my self
Never giving up with so much passion
Now I feel stupid and small like an elf
For I will never succeed in this dimension

April, Am I A fool?
For believing that he loves me
Because he beings me joy and happiness
Where else he just lust me
For he makes me feel sad and worthless

April, Am I A fool?
For thinking I could be loved
Because I am pretty and kind
But everybody wants to leave me caved
And treat me like I am hard to find

April, Am I A fool?
For trusting that I belong here
Utilizing my freedom and skills
But it’s hard to survive when no one’s there
To help the pain that lurks and kills

April, Am I A fool?
For being depressed
Leting anxiety take my breath
Got to let go of the hurt that I expressed
As I write to inspire the one who will read.


Reflective Consciousness

I know sometimes when you look in the mirror
You don’t like what you see;
The Pain weighing on you,
A broken soul struggling to breath,
And your own flesh dying on you
Because I know sometimes
The world can seem so blurry
And the struggles won’t seem to end
And all you can do is break down and scream your lungs out while asking why.
Why is the silence so loud?
Why is the room so empty?
Why is my faith so distant?
Trust me…it’s okay
And I know that it doesn’t feel okay
In fact it feels like it’ll never be okay
But if you let your self cry
Drain everything away
So you can finally see clear
That love is all you need
Therefore you’ll learn to look at the mirror with love
No matter how hard life gets
Or how broken the mirror is
Believe me, a smile will always reflect on you
And life will be worth living
For you’ll learn to honor your pain
And that it’s part of growth
And accept your flaws
While allowing imperfection to take it’s course
And finally find the purpose to love yourself.


Ready for my fresh start
But just like art,
I need to follow my heart
And take it step by step at a time
I need to make decisions that a smart
Be able to set my goals apart
Because in life it’s okay to restart
To take your time and make things right
And let go of all your baggage, sweetheart
You always have a chance for a new start
A fresh start

Love Is A Verb

It’s funny that when it starts to rain
We miss the sun
I never knew I was in love
Till I watch you walked out
I had to lose your love
To locate my heart
I used to think love was a noun
Till I held you in my arms
Now I know love is verb
Cause I can’t fight the feeling inside
Your touch I can not resist
For I love you so much.

©Kitty Minaj

An Instant With You

When the wind was cold
Full of broken sorrows
I woke up happy in the mist of your love
The sky was clear
And the birds were singing
To the rhythm of my heart
I found happiness in your smile
Even if it’s just for a day
Each hour feels like thousands years
Of greatness and joy
In a world where pain don’t exist
But lurking through the window
Where love is all we share
A day with you, i could never forgot
Though i woke up to a lonely morning
For you were not there.

Last Day Of The Year

Last day of the year
Where the soil is dry
And the rain is exhausted
Letting the sun shine apon us
For new opportunity
And fresh mind set
Allowing us to move on
And leave the past behind
Forgetting about the bad in 2019
As we drink all night tonight
With nothing but excitement in our hearts
Sharing love with everyone around
Including those who did us wrong.

On this last day,
I’d like to say thank you to everyone
For being strong and hardworking
I am trilled to be alive
And bless to see this last day.
This year wasn’t easy for me
Infact it was the hardest
But with support and love
Pills and true inspirations
I am gratrful to see this day.

Therefore on this day,
I hope you’ll enjoy
And start afresh
May the dead rest in peace
Good Luck for next year
See you there.❤

Good bye 2019

Ray Of Sunshine

Before I open my eyes
It’s always you on my mind
Like a glumbs of breathe
Providing me life
Giving me light and purpose
With your face that shines like a diamond
And your eyes that glows in the dark
Smile that fill up my world
The ray of the sun
Shines through you Babe

True Happiness

Where does true happiness lies?
In the warmth of material things
That boost your self-esteem
And make you feel good

Where does true happiness lies?
In the taste of good food
That fill your stomach
And give you joy

Where does true happiness lies?
In the soul of your hobbies
That let you do what you want
And gives you entertainment

Where does true happiness lies?
In heart of the beloved
When they promise forever
But always cut it short

Where does true happiness lies?
In his cold hands
And the touch of his lust
The happiness that never last

Where does true happiness lies?
When you’re hurt and broken
With no one to run too
But your self

Where does true happiness lies?
When you finally understand
That happiness is not a human
But a feeling

Then you realise where true happiness lies
Within the depth of your soul.
It lies within you
True Happiness Is You.

©Kitty Minaj