To Love…

To love means to be pure
Having the center to be like nature
Or having the Courage like water
Just having a drive like peace

To love means to be selfless
Giving without acknowledgement
Caring with no expectations
Breaking with no concern

To love means to be a fool
In the eyes of the beloved
Never bothered by their wrongs
And accepting their excuses

To love means to forgive
The one that breaks your heart
The reflection infront of you
The circumstance of every pain

To love means to be strong
When love hurts like hell
And the one you love,
Doesn’t love you at all

To love means to be broken
Loving with every and all the pieces
And to cherish love like it’s God
And never giving up on love

To Love Means To Love With A Pure Broken Heart

©Kitty Minaj

Words Vs Feelings

I said I am not going to cry
With tears in my eyes
Flawing hard like someone died
It felt like my heart did

I said he is not worth it
Yet I need him more
So how do I let it go
It felt like I crashed my soul

I said it’s okay,It’ll pass
But holding on to him feels right
Or am I lying to myself
It felt like I was a fool

I said no more Relationships
But I need love so bad
Yet I keep messing up
It felt like I’ll never be loved.

©Kitty Minaj


It’s sad to say goodbye
I promise I’d never cry
It hurts what I feel inside
And it’s beyond my pride
So I let the tear fall down my eye
As I look up to the sky
Wondering if you feel my pain
For what I lost has no gain
You took my heart with you
Yet you never loved me too
Imperfect I understand
But your ignorance I couldn’t stand
It hurt me so bad
No body ever made me this sad
You showed me no care
Yet you were always there
Being you that always lie
Who knew our love would die
For it lasted long enough
And I believed it was really tough
Never thought we’d be apart
Like a shirt, you ripped my heart
Never needed anything, my love
But for you to show me love.

©Kitty Minaj

When The Warmth Fade Away

When the warmth fade away
And there is no reason to stay
Even when he does good
Can’t help but let go of the loop
For once you truly understand your worth
For you’ve been giving your all
For Someone that’s capable of letting you fall
After showing so much love and passion
Yet lies at every occasion
Making you feel stupid and dumb
Forgetting that there will come a time
When you finally open your eyes
And wipe the tears of all your cries
And then realize…
That love is like a mortal
Imperfect and fragile
A battle field I failed to win
Heartbreak I could have seen
Yet charm fooled my soul
Til in your arms I felt so cold
And mouth left with no words to say

As your warmth fade away.

©Kitty Minaj

Time To Let Go

It’s time to grow up
I’ve been messed up a lot
For I refused to let you go
Was afraid to be left alone

But you’ve played with my mind
While wounding my heart
And breaking my trust
Now I am scared to love

I’ve watched you walk out
Came back and fuck me around
Your spear of lust, hurts so much
And your kisses left me bruised

I found my heart in your trash
Why would you make me feel this worthless
How could I let you mistreat my love
Guess it’s time to let you go now.

©Kitty Minaj

Never Letting Go

Why do I stay when I want to go?
Is it because I have hope?
Or maybe it is because I don’t want to be alone.
I stay and all I do is complain.
Complain that I might be going insane.
Insane of the thought that it might be my fault.
But who is to blame?
Is it me or is it him?
Neither one of us will go.
Although we know we must go,
All we do is ignore the pain
Of all the words we exchange.
I know I must go, but I don’t know.
If I go, I will be alone.
But why do I stay?
Only to hear him say,
“You’re to blame for all my unhappiness and pain.”
I know I’m not to blame for the choices he has made.
So I stay, hoping he will grow,
Grow in love and be consoled knowing I will never go.


I am lost
The darkness surrounds me
It’s getting so cold
I’m all alone
With no one to hold
My world is so empty
All what’s left is pain
No sunshine to light up my way
Just never ending rain
I drown in tears
My heart is crying
No one seems to notice
My soul is dying.

Run Back To Past

Widows vibrated to the cold breeze
Freezing the walls till they sweat
I felt my heart on my chest
As I held you near with passion
Sensed a smell so different all of a sudden
A scent I can’t recognize yet familiar
So I asked innocently for conformation
Thats When you turned your back on me with anger
But the scent of the girl brought fear
Of lose and betrayal
Till I ran back to the past for comfort
His words brought me joy and security
A long lost spark that I fail to resist
But his voice I recognized as pain
Now I’m back to square one
A place I never wanted to be
Yet I seem to always be
Guess this is where I belong
Back to the past.

©Kitty Minaj

The Antonym Of Love

Your voice broke my shell,
I couldn’t hide
Touch melted my sorrow,
I couldn’t cry
Your passion destroyed my soul,
I couldn’t write
Your kiss removed my mask,
I couldn’t smile
Your promises brough the sun,
I couldn’t see
Nose sniffed away my pain,
I couldn’t feel
Your lies consumed my brain,
I couldn’t trust
For your eyes showed me LOVE,
I couldn’t keep.

©Kitty Minaj

Can’t Make You Love Me

Can’t Make You Love Me
Even if I pour my heart out
In public and in the clear
You’ll Still Not See Me

Can’t Make You Love Me
Even if I trade you my pussy
Sex all night, unlimited rounds
You’ll Still not feel me

Can’t make you love me
Even if the earth is at it’s end
And the only way to save it was me
You’ll still not love me

Can’t make you love me
Even if I become your shield
In the mist of death
You’ll still not appreciate me

Can’t make you love me
No matter how much I try
To make you see my love for you
You’ll still not believe me

Can’t make you love me
Even if I force you too
Cause it’s not how you feel inside
But still you’ll only lust me.

Can’t make you love me
Even when I tell you a million times,
How much I Love You
Guess you’ll never love me