New Year Resentment

00:00 striked like thunder
When the calander changed like magic
Hearing all the excitement
All the fireworkes and joy
Brought nothing but tears to me
My heart was aching
For i was still alive in 2020
When all i wanted was to die
Didn’t want to see this day
For 2019 brought nothing but pain
So much pain and misery
So i lay in bed and cried
So hard that my eyes become swollen
Then i said to myself,
‘ It’s too late to die’
I took a deep breath
And put my resentment aside
I am ready to live in 2020

Last Day Of The Year

Last day of the year
Where the soil is dry
And the rain is exhausted
Letting the sun shine apon us
For new opportunity
And fresh mind set
Allowing us to move on
And leave the past behind
Forgetting about the bad in 2019
As we drink all night tonight
With nothing but excitement in our hearts
Sharing love with everyone around
Including those who did us wrong.

On this last day,
I’d like to say thank you to everyone
For being strong and hardworking
I am trilled to be alive
And bless to see this last day.
This year wasn’t easy for me
Infact it was the hardest
But with support and love
Pills and true inspirations
I am gratrful to see this day.

Therefore on this day,
I hope you’ll enjoy
And start afresh
May the dead rest in peace
Good Luck for next year
See you there.❤

Good bye 2019