Love Smokes

Puff, Puff love smokes
His lung out till he chocks
Trying to get away from this world
Yet the ground is where he belongs

Puff, puff love smokes
Till his high as the cloud
But the higher he gets
The lower he floats

Puff, puff love smokes
His problems up like a goat
But the more he pull
The more miserable he feels

Puff, puff love smokes
Blaming his girl for his wrongs
For the truth has been blinded by the vapor
Distant from her, he became

Puff, puff love smokes
Fading like the vapor on the air
Losing his lover for cheap gas
That only jeopardizes his health

Puff, puff love smokes
One pull closer to his death
Second pull, his completely alone
Last pull, too late his addicted.

©Kitty Minaj

Run Back To Past

Widows vibrated to the cold breeze
Freezing the walls till they sweat
I felt my heart on my chest
As I held you near with passion
Sensed a smell so different all of a sudden
A scent I can’t recognize yet familiar
So I asked innocently for conformation
Thats When you turned your back on me with anger
But the scent of the girl brought fear
Of lose and betrayal
Till I ran back to the past for comfort
His words brought me joy and security
A long lost spark that I fail to resist
But his voice I recognized as pain
Now I’m back to square one
A place I never wanted to be
Yet I seem to always be
Guess this is where I belong
Back to the past.

©Kitty Minaj


The morning was still
And my mind went blank
My heart couldn't feel
When the silence clank
The world felt unreal
Like everything was just a prank
Felt so weak I saw myself keel
Took me long, to know this is real
Paraffin look good I took a drank
Still felt numb like a steel
Crazy how love can be crack
Wondering if you feel what I feel.

©Kitty Minaj

The Antonym Of Love

Your voice broke my shell,
I couldn’t hide
Touch melted my sorrow,
I couldn’t cry
Your passion destroyed my soul,
I couldn’t write
Your kiss removed my mask,
I couldn’t smile
Your promises brough the sun,
I couldn’t see
Nose sniffed away my pain,
I couldn’t feel
Your lies consumed my brain,
I couldn’t trust
For your eyes showed me LOVE,
I couldn’t keep.

©Kitty Minaj

Can’t Make You Love Me

Can’t Make You Love Me
Even if I pour my heart out
In public and in the clear
You’ll Still Not See Me

Can’t Make You Love Me
Even if I trade you my pussy
Sex all night, unlimited rounds
You’ll Still not feel me

Can’t make you love me
Even if the earth is at it’s end
And the only way to save it was me
You’ll still not love me

Can’t make you love me
Even if I become your shield
In the mist of death
You’ll still not appreciate me

Can’t make you love me
No matter how much I try
To make you see my love for you
You’ll still not believe me

Can’t make you love me
Even if I force you too
Cause it’s not how you feel inside
But still you’ll only lust me.

Can’t make you love me
Even when I tell you a million times,
How much I Love You
Guess you’ll never love me

How Not To Love Yourself

Poor little me
A young girl lost in a big world
Of lust and heart break
Trying to find the true meaning of love
In a Casanova’s arms
Which are warm and tender
Yet his dangerous and mean
But his eyes are promising
Confusing my heart with his touch
Blinding my eyes with his charm
And distroying my mind with his words
I Love you
He always says but act different
I Love you more
I always reply and Thats no lie
And truth is I loved only him
Even forgot to love me too.
I though if he loved me what was a point of self love
Till he left me broken on the cold floor
With mirrors reflecting on me
But I couldn’t see my own image
For I had no love for myself
For a while, I learned
How not to love myself
When I loved a boy.

The Silence Of A Dying Love

What is Love??
Is it the shade of red in a heart
The blood flow in my vains
The unstoppable beat of my heart
The nervous flow when we touch
Or is it the the way you look at me?
Irristible feeling of your lust
Is it the darkness of a broken heart
The grumbling tears of the falling sky
A peace of a sobing rose
The grave of what could’ve been
Or the memories of what we had,
Reminding us of a spark of true love
For i am for you
And you are for her
The instability of a relation
Cause the most undeniable storms
The silence of a dying love

Dark Shade Of Love

Black roses on the floor
With a scent of confusion
And your blood leading me to you
Assuring me of safety
Reminding me of infatuation
For i fail to let go
Of your dark shaded love
And your irresistible desire
That fills me with so much devotion
And undeniable endearment
Your lust i can not bear
But you touch fill me whole
And i know i am blessed
To have you by my side
And grateful eve
For This dark shade Of Love

Love You Forever

I remember the cold night
You hurt my heart
I cried on your chest
When you held me so tight
The warmth of your touch was just right
Your lust patched my broken heart

I knew I was in love with you
But couldn’t understand when you kissed my forehead
And said, ‘LOVE YOU, FOREVER.’
Right there, I thought you meant together

On Valentines, I look beside me
With you not being by my side
Finally realized what you meant
Wiping the tears of my own reflation
Realizing my own worth

I know you meant, I SHOULD LOVE ME FOREVER.

Love Note

Baby! I love you…
You’re my sweetheart
My affection for you controls my heartbeat,
I want to be with you for the rest of my life.
This feeling is coming from the bottom of my heart and it’s precisely my feelings for You.
And thank You for helping me see the unique beauty in imperfection,
You have shown me the true meaning of love,
That love is a verb, it’s something you do
Not just something to be said
Babe I want to spend my forever with you
And no matter how far life separates us no one will love you like I do
For my life is infinity and pure.