Mental Health · suicide note

Breath November Breathe

Breath November Breathe
As I try to open my eyes in the morning
With thoughts running like a waterfall
Each painful and hurting my brain
Wishing I could sleep again
Wishing I could sleep forever
As my heart start to beat so fast,
Why do I keep being alive?
It Hurts, it heart hurts
Like a thousands knifes shaved in my heart
Causing my chest to burn so hot
And eyes to blur out with dizziness
As I start to choke, slowly
Where did the oxygen go??
Am I suppose to die
Oh, please can I die now...
But mom needs me, she'll be devastated
So breathe please breathe
I could feel the numbness tickle in my soul
Breath, Lydia, Breath
It's okay feel pain
And it's okay to feel death sometimes
So Breath, for your mom's happiness
Breathe November Help Me Breath
I'm tired of life but I need to be alive
Breath, help me Breathe November

©Kitty Minaj

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