May Bless My Mom

May, please bless my mother;
She pulled up with me from the start
In her stomach craving for all the staff
That can make you sick, but she still ate
The nasty food till her stomach got heavy
She carried me around even though I made her back ache
She could have gave up and removed me
But she held on for 9 full months
At times I would stretch inside her
Twisted and turned with kicks
And she never complained, yet it made her happy.

…Wait that’s not all...

When it was time for me to see the world
I gave her unbearable pains as a sign
That I am ready to see her face
It took work and more pains to push me out
Never till this day I heard her complain
Yet, she says it was the happiest moment of her life
For she was happy to finally see me
Even though after that, I was a nuisance
I kept her up mostly at night
She never rested till I was five
Yet she continued to nurture me till today
Like a dad, she tries to protect me
Even when I never listen, she’s patient
Never gave up on me not even once
Always care and supports me
Her love is timeless and limitless
She made me her responsibility from the start
Even when I was just a choiceI’m an adult, yet she says I’ll always be her baby
Unconditionally loved me through thick and thin
Never seen love so pure and true
But only exist in a mother
And for that I celebrate every mother
And May all the mother’s be bless
From all over the world
Happy Mother’s Day

Hope May Will Treat You Kind.
©Kitty Minaj

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