The Influence Of Your Own Eyes

This is life, hope you understand that.
And if you do then you’ll understand that perfection doesn’t exist but being different means you’re outstanding.
It’s not easy being different, I know. In a world where people just look at you with a different eye, making you feel like an alien. In a world where people struggle to love you. And it’s confusing to the girl looking in the mirror, trying to find her missing link, like whats wrong with her, why isn’t she enough.
Why was she cut from a different cloth?
But does it matter what people think
Yes it does because everybody needs somebody, and when that somebody you love despise you, it’s hard to look at the mirror and accept your own reflation.
But it all starts from within and it’s a process.
Forget the quotes that tells you to look deep inside you and blah blah…let’s try something practical like taking a moment to look at your own reflation in the mirror. •Look deep in her/his eyes.
•What does your own eyes tell you
•Do you like you
•Ask your eyes why
•Let the tears fall
•Talk to your eyes
•Tell them you’re hurt
•Get to know your eyes
•Form a friendship
•Or a relationship
•When the tears have dried
•And you’re laughing
•Tell your eyes that you love them
•And kiss your reflation
•Do it everyday repeatedly
•And every time you feel out of place
Because they say a way to a person’s heart is through their eyes therefore I challenge you to also use your own eyes to regain your self love.


I love you therefore you are loved.

©Kitty Minaj