Drugs And Alcohol

When life strike again
And the world seem so heavy
As anxiety holds you down
And chocking you up
Only thing closest to run too is water
But every glumps of it, blocks even more
So you stamble for loss of breath
And when you down,
You see that bottle looking back at you
Running to the alcohol
You take a sip and fill relieve
But what the fuck am i doing??
This isn’t the way to live
So i run to the pills for help
Consume the drugs with my alcohol
Hoping to die
But the higher i get,
The more pain i felt
All this poison in my system, drinking to my self
They say alcohol numbs the pain
But deep inside we know it never helps
And drugs abuse us but never kills

One thought on “Drugs And Alcohol

  1. A pretty bad combination
    is the alcohol and drugs
    we try to numb the pain
    but with time it gets worst
    it gets to a point that burst
    & we feel down and blue
    not knowing what to do
    like if we have been cursed.
    It is difficult to beat a vice
    yet even more to beat two
    don’t believe their way
    and find people for support
    to help you in getting through.

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