If Love Was Boofie

If Love Was Boofie
Then love will be difined by his personality.

Tall: It could reach forever
light-skinned: You know it’s pure
huge ego: It’ll never Dies
pride: It’ll never let you down
narcissist: It’s very persistence
fit: It’ll never disappoint.
stubborn: Has passion
soft heart: It always forgives
Charming: It’ll make sure you always smiling
Matured: It understands

If love was Boofie,
It’ll be a love worth treasuring
For he loves with the clearest mind and a honest heart.
He ain’t perfect but like water his worth a try.

If love was Boofie,
Then love won’t be defined as a verb for his love is not shown but felt. And love to him is just a word to make you stay.

If love was Boofie,
Love will surely be complicated but seen as perfect. For perfection is who he is.

If Love Was Boofie,
Then Boofie Will Be My True Love.

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