Love Came Back

You’ve been gone for so long
No call, no text and no goodbye
Had to program my mind to let go
Told my self you don’t love me no more.

The sky was dark and the clouds were heavy
My mood was down and my soul so broken
Depressed, I forgot to think about you.
Ready to die, I saw a call from you

Your voice was better than ever
My heart felt like it was going to explored
I couldn’t believe it was you
But I felt the love that was once lost.

You claim I cared no more
I cried you hurt me most
Confused cause you seemed more hurt
Complaining I no longer love thee

Guilt burnt my soul to the core
I didn’t mean to let you go
But loneliness compel me to comfort
And assumption were my way out.

You ask forgiveness for being away
You claim you were never gone
Your love was always strong
It kept you going and now you’re back

Back to the love you belong
And I promise never to let go
My love is stronger than before
Swear I’ll love you til the end.

Gucc! Came Back

©Kitty Minaj

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