Love Let Me In

In a world so crawl,
I look into the mist of your faith
Endeavoring to understand my own purpose
Attempting to be your strength

But every ounce of your love is hidden
Pushing me away like a bad wall
Showing me hate and no love either
Written in blood that you don’t need me

You scream so loud for lust
Longing for satisfaction not care
Ignoring my kisses but smooching my body
Coitus in pain then cry in the dark

What’s wrong, you say I’m beautiful
Let me in, you cried that I’ll runaway
Ignoring the fact that I’m here to stay
Just like a wall, I’m trying to protect you

Love, Let me see your scars
I want to kiss your wounds
Heal the pain with love
Water your heart, so love can grow

But Love always shouts me out
And the strength of my love is left unused
Just trashed and cracked
Let me in for my love is forever

©Kitty Minaj

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