My Day Of Depression And Anxiety

Yesterday depression had me in it’s corner
Bringing all the bad emotions
And making me feel sad
Causing me alot of bad headache
Having suicide thoughts
Crying every night
And questioning the moon(why)
Hoping for a better life while overdosing my medicine
Always moody with a smile
And always cutting my wrist with a knife
Praying for a better tomorrow with pain in my sorrow
But tomorrow was never better
Instead Depression introduced me to Anxiety
Today Anxiety is pulling me from left to right
Choking my throat
And blocking my breath
Unable to inhale with the gas in my chest
How do i run away from the anxiety attacks?
For every thought made me shiver
I had no control
Couldn’t move and I couldn’t talk
Just shrink my body tight
Letting myself feel the hurt
Couldn’t close my eyes,
The tears were too much.
My heart felt like it was on fire
My soul was drowning in sorrow
Feeling the whole world collaps in my presence
And my dreams screaming for help
Pinching me and Abusing me
As my mind call out to death
For life is not worth living
Because everyday is always a bad day
A day of tears, panic attacks and Pain.
Rejection is like my everyday meal
With no one to run too or save me
So i wear the mask to fool the evil naked eyes
And being STRONG is my only option
Trying to handle and smile with Depression
And trying to breath with Anxiety.

Everyday Is A Day Of Depression And Anxiety

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