Let Me Sleep Forever

Dreams are better than life
Sleep feels like a short death
Like being in a coma
Cause one doesn’t feel themself breath
Or feel the inhaling of oxygen
Don’t even feel your heart beat
Can’t even feel your own body.
We toss and turn
Talk/sing and some sleep walk
And we never scared
Feeling the safety of darkness in our sleep
Cause fear doesn’t exist in our dreams
Creating visions and controlling every situation
Running from bad and sticking to the good
No jugdement nor gossip
Though evil is always in mind
Lurking to possess our mentality
As we observe the truth of life.
The freedom of our own paradise(imagination)
And the anger of fading dreams
Leting your mind race
As you feel your cold legs and heart beat
Saliver gets thinker, inabling one to exhale the gas

There I am
Moving my eyes til they open
Inhaling the oxygen with pain
Feeling my chest burn and my heart ache
Tears flow like river
Wishing I never woke up
Cause reality is the real nightmare
That no one can run away from
For it can control one like a puppet
And only sleep can save you
Therefore let me sleep forever

Turn Me Into Sleeping Beauty

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