Dear 2019

First of all I’d like to say hey. It’s so nice to finally meet you. I’ve had alot about you, people are calling you 20nicethings and I’m grateful for letting me be part of your experience.
Dear 2019…As much as I wanna tell you how much I’m looking forward to this year. It would be a lie. You see I’ve had rough years whereby I was positive that it would be great years. Starting from 2016 to 2018. But with that being said, I’m still wishing for the best.
Dear 2019…hope we can be friends. Take it easy on me cause I’ve been through alot and I don’t think I’m strong enough now. I’ve lost hope in life. But I promise I’ll be good to you. I’d do anything you need me too.
Dear 2019…somehow I can feel that it might be a worst year for me. But with a positive mind I am willing to try my best in everything. Quit complaining while I try to remind myself that just because 2018 wasn’t the best doesn’t mean my life has to end.
Dear 2019…I am ready to make my dreams come true. I am physically fit to try harder in every goal I’ve set. Though I might not succeed, I promise I won’t give up.
Dear 2019…In the previous years all I’ve ever seeked was Love, I wanted to be loved so bad and in 2018 I’ve learned that being loved means nothing. And from this day I promise I’ll never chase love at all. Only dreams. And I’ve realise something important which that…Love doesn’t make the world go round, faith and work controls the motion of life. And success is all the love one needs.
Dear 2019…Can I set new goals, exercise everyday, read constantly and Learn to love myself even through this hell. Is it selfish to want to be there for me? Make myself happy? Travel more wouldn’t be a sin right? Eating so much is part of live after all.
Dear 2019…My only wish is to be kind to every one. Take it easy on people. But mostly, don’t forget those who are in need. Be humble, so we can be comfortable to be at our best at all times.
Dear 2019…watch me, cause no matter what, ill be bringing change or making a difference in someone’s life or in the world. If I can’t help my self. The goal is to help someone else.

Dear 20NiceThings…allow me to achieve My 20niceGoals.

Hope everyone will enjoy this year with love and lots of success. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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