Unprotected Sex For Love

Unprotected Sex For Love
Stupidly in love,
I was so mad at him,
That i told my self, when he comes back
I’ll give him a cold shoulder
Got more furious when he come back at midnight.
As i open the door with hurt and disappointment,
I compel myself that he ain’t getting any.
I was so sure which made me sit far away from him.
But chemistry took it’s cost
He got closer,
Somehow i could feel his body heat vapouring in my own skin.
He gave me a smile,
That turned my frown face into a grin.
I couldn’t help but blush,
Looking at his eyes,
I whispered to my heart
“Lord, i love him.”
I closed my eyes as i felt his warm arm around me.
His body was hot, making me weak.
He held my cheek and gave me a kiss,
I tried to resist it but he gave me the look again.
And just like that,
ONE thing leads to another,
Butt naked he was on top of me.
I tried to make excuses,
He didn’t buy it,
So i let him in.
I realise he didn’t have no condom,
I pushed him again and he got angry.
My heart cracked,
He said i was fucked up.
I tried to soften his heart,
He had no condom at all
And wanted to do it so badly.
I begged him to talk to me,
Begged him to give me a kiss,
Begged him not to get angry at me,
Explained that i don’t want to get pregnant.
But truth is,
Nothing can soften a horny guys heart.
And so i couldn’t bare seeing him disappointed,
My fear of losing him compel me to sacrifice.
I opened my legs wide
And he gave me a kiss
Unhappy and scared i let him in.
It hurts so bad,
Wished i could pull him away,
But i had to be strong for my bae.

He got off and gave me a cuddle.
All i could think of was, “love sucks”
Though i didn’t regret it because i love him.
And if i had to be pregnant,
I’m happy it’s going to be his kid.
Beside being pregnant,
There is alot to think about,
When it comes to unprotected sex.
Like, HIV, STI’s for a guy like him.
But the main question is,
Unprotected sex because he loves me??
We’ll i only agreed because i love him.

Unprotected Sex Because I Love Him.♡

❤Love, Example❤

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