Intelligence is Intimidating

All my life been trying so hard to understand why most people don’t like me. I did research and everything. Lost myself in order to be understood and loved.

Making someone loves or like you for that matter is very hard. And I had to learn that at a young age which made me grew up with so much anger and hurt.

Been alone all my live. No friends to talk to. And since then I’ve been searching for a reason why there is no human that likes me at least.

Today, I meet a very nice and intelligent women who was able to tell me what was wrong with me. And she told me, MY PROBLEM IS THAT I’M INTELLIGENT.

She said being intelligent makes one odd. And look weird/odd. People are intimidated by you when you’re intelligent. They found you really different because they don’t get you.

She told that being intelligence means you’re a level higher than them which means they don’t like you because they can’t get to your level.

They don’t understand you and your motive. Your perspective are very different from theirs and they are smart.

So don’t get mad or confused when people don’t like you. Because that only means you are a level higher than them. And they are jealous or intimidated by you.

You are intelligent, don’t ever change anything about yourself but change the circle you roll with. Because intelligent people chill with intelligent people.

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