Cry Me Love

‘What type of a guy do you want? What do you want from a man? What should i do to show my love for you?’…every time somebody would ask me those questions, my mouth would go dry and suddenly all the words replaced by ‘um’. . My heart would melt as my mind races in confusion…

I had no answers for the questions not even one. I had no idea of what I want in a male thought i would preach and brag about wanting to be loved, yet not knowing what love was. I’d say, all i want is to love and be love then ask my self how will I know a guy loves me?

There are alot of ways which by men reveal their feelings. And all I know is that it’s hard to know or see if a man loves you and it’s hard for a man to show his love. But when you lucky, you’ll just know. Though Men are easy creatures. Creatures that all females adore.

I rejected alot of guys for no reason, simply because I didn’t feel their love for me. I wanted to see it. I wanted them to show me and all of them failed. I rejected their ways of loving even though I had no idea what I wanted and how I want a guy to show me love. Until…

My friend had issues with her boyfriend, she actually cheated on him and he almost lay a hand on her and for that my friend got scared and broke up with him. The guy literally cried while holding her like God. He cried as he begged her not to leave him. And right there I saw Love from a man. Real pure love. He didn’t even care about what she did.

Now…ask me. What type of a guy do you want?? I want a guy who will stand by me no matter what. A guy who will try and help me outright my wrongs. Honestly I want a type of guy that would cry for me. A guy who is scared, terrified to lose me. That’s a guy I will lose myself too because I know he will never let me be lost.

Now I Know what to say when a man ask, ‘What should I do to show my love for you?’ Be yourself and be true. I’d appreciate it if you love me from afar. Let distance drive you insane and in love, let us learn to trust as we survive without each other. Get lost and let love bring you back. But my real answer will be, ‘If you love me – let love make you cry.’ … babe cry for me and I’ll know your heart is true.

Although not everymen show love by crying because most men don’t cry, so if he cries for you…just know it’s real and he ain’t faking it. He loves you to the point where he has already pictured his life with you. He made plans for you. And losing you will destroy his dreams.

Men can love and they love better than any other creature that’s why they sometimes called dogs, it’s because they can go eat next door and come back home to love, fight and protect their owner and if you lock them in they will never try to escape. Dogs are loyal and love with the deepest heart…

And for that, now i can tell you ‘What I want from a Man.’ I want a man that will love me like a dog. A man who will make me his priority as he protects me. Simply I want a man to cry for me. Let his sorrow show me love. Let me in your world and let us walk life together.

From today, I know I want love and I know what love is. So baby Cry Me Love…

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