Writer’s block

Had a bad day. All she want to do is write it down, cause pen and paper are her only best friend. Sometimes they don’t listen but most times they do and good thing about them is that they never judge her.

Ideas rushed in as she collect the pen and paper, ready to write them down. As she hold her pen facing the paper trying to guess the topic..um well um… her mind went blur for a second she couldn’t figure out the topic. Lemme just write the article and I’ll figure the topic later.

*I’m like a flower in a mist of your love….* um… her mind went blank as she try to complete the sentence. Although she knew what she wanted to write. She couldn’t put it in a paper. It was hard and strange. It seemed like her mind and hand were not corresponding to each other.

She tried typing but it didn’t work. It was really confusing because she wanted to write the article so bad but her mind refused. It felt like someone was controlling her not to write. So she recorded her story then tried to lesson and write….and in her surprise her mind felt giddy. Scatterbrained.

It’s hard not being able to write when you want to write so bad. It just made her feel so sad. She was disappointed at herself, she felt dumb, weak and useless. Writing is everything to her but it blocked her mind which made her feel cursed.

She never knew why it happened. But maybe it’s for the better. Maybe tomorrow she’ll be able to write. Writer’s block ain’t a joke. It’s almost like a sickness that can’t be cured. You just have to let it be and try to stay calm even when it’s upsetting.

Sad thing is that…sometimes it happens when you really want to write. Your mind just shut down and go blank with all the ideas you have. Writer’s block, why you so mean??

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