Success Murdered Love

Mama used to say You can’t have it all. Cause in life it’s all about winning some while losing some. I thought she was wrong cause I passed my grades even though I had a boy friend. It was easy at that time… Cause now I know that she was right.

I’m a girl with a version and you are a boy with a mission. We seek the same path but using different road holding each other’s hands as we avoid stepping in the grass. I love you and you loved me, our future had a lot of potential but our dreams were different.

Sorry I had to follow my dream and put my version on action. Cause when one achieves a goal their main focus becomes being successful. My mind was filled with success that I forgot bout love. I forgot about you, about us and I turned selfish.

I lost love trying to be independent and successful so you can treat me with respect. While holding me like Gold. Trying to make my dream a reality only to find you were the reality. Now that I’m successful and I have everything I envisioned, I don’t have you. And we still walk the same path but we no longer holding hands.

How could I let success murder our love? How could you watch and not do anything to stop it? How do I save love? How do I save us??…i still love you😔

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